XTM Cloud v 13.0

Creating segment filter profile

As Administrators you can create advanced, customized filters by joining two or more segment filters together using Boolean AND/OR operators and saving the combination as a filter profile. You can also save frequently used configurations of a single filter for convenient reuse. Saved segment filter profiles appear at the top of the Segment filters list with an icon menu-old.gif to their left.

Administrators and Project Managers can decide:

  • which segment filters can be accessed by linguists in XTM Workbench

  • whether linguists can disable those filters

To configure segment filter profile:
  1. Go to Configuration > Settings > Translation > Segment filters > Add new segment filter profile.

  2. Fill in the popup as required:

    1. Provide a Profile name for your segment filter profile.

    2. Use AND/OR operators, as needed.

    3. From the available filter list under Choose filters to show segments with select checkboxes next to the segment filters you want to make available for linguists.

  3. Click Save profile.

    As a result:

    • The Segment filter profile parameter can now be accessed in the following forms/places:

      • Create project form in: Translation section

      • Project Editor in: Projects > General info section

      • Project template editor in: Projects > Templates > Project details > Settings section

    • Additional Enable linguist to turn the profile off checkbox appears.


      Additional Enable linguist to turn the profile off checkbox