XTM Cloud v 13.0

Creating project templates during project creation

To create a project template during project creation:
  1. Go to Projects > Project list.

  2. In the top right corner select Add project.

  3. Fill in the relevant fields in the project creation form.

  4. At the bottom of the page select the Save as template button.

    A Create template popup will appear.


    The Create Template Window

  5. In the Create template popup:

    • fill in the mandatory Name text field

    • select the value for the Type parameter:

      • Customer specific - you will only be able to use this template for the particular Customer

      • Global - you will be able to use this template for all your Customers

    • if needed, fill in the optional Description text field

    • select Save

    The project template has been successfully created. message will appear to confirm creating the project template.

  6. Click xmark-large-solid.svg or the Close button to close the Create template popup.