XTM Cloud v 13.0

Concordance in XTM Workbench

XTM Workbench includes a dedicated Concordance docked panel. You can also access concordance from the context menu.

XTM Cloud also contains a separate Concordance module.

Concordance search can be performed either in the source or target text.

Concordance in XTM Workbench

Concordance docked panel in XTM Workbench

The Concordance docked panel displays:
  • the latest source

  • target language phrases in the translation memory

  • metadata column containing:

    • the modification date

    • customer name

    • date created

    • date modified

    • filename

    • segment ID or tags

When these are used, the results are first sorted by:

  1. The selected criterion.

  2. The score.

In this way, you can choose to see results that are exactly the same as the concordance search phrase, results that include all of the words from the search phrase, or results that can include any of the searched words.

Searching concordance from the Concordance docked panel in XTM Workbench
  1. In the Concordance docked panel, type the word in the search box.

  2. Select matching type

    • Broad match find segments with any of the words in the search phrase and other words or characters

    • Phrase match find segments with all the words in the search phrase, but in any order

    • Exact match find segments only with the words in the search phrase in the correct order

  3. Select Search.

Concordance in XTM Workbench context menu

There are two options available in the Concordance context menu:

  1. Default – results are based on the linguistic stem of the chosen word and will match other forms of the word. This allows translators to check how the word was previously translated. The various segments are shown in order of relevance.

  2. Exact match – to find segments only with the words in the search phrase in the correct order.

Accessing concordance from the context menu
  1. In XTM Workbench, highlight a word in the target segment.

  2. Right-click it to open the Concordance from the context menu.

  3. Choose Concordance search in the target language.

The search results are displayed in the Concordance docked panel.

You can choose to search source and target language words or phrases either in the whole set of Translation Memory databases connected to the project or just in the approved Translation Memory. The Not approved status is displayed as an icon. If you are not sure what the status of the TM search result is, left-click the Metadata column to open a popup with additional details about the segment.