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Technical Specification for XTM Cloud 13.2

File formats supported in XTM Cloud

XTM supports the following file formats for translation:

  • Adobe FrameMaker (mif)

  • Adobe Illustrator (fxg, svg, ai,)

  • Adobe InDesign (idml, indd, indb)


    InDesign IDML files can be processed in XTM Cloud out of the box.

    However, you need an additional InDesign server to:

    • process InDesign INDD or INDB files

    • enable Visual mode in XTM Workbench for all InDesign file extensions (IDML, INDD, INDB)

    The InDesign server is not part of the standard XTM Cloud subscription. For more information:

    Contact Sales

    XTM Sales Team

  • Adobe Photoshop (psd)

  • Android apps (xml)

  • AsciiDoc (adoc, asciidoc)

  • asp, aspx, ascx

  • Digia QT (ts)

  • DITA

  • Document template (tpl)

  • eps

  • html, htm xhtml, xht shtml, shtm

  • ini

  • iOS apps (strings, stringsdict)

  • Java property files

  • JSON

  • MadCap Flare (flprj)

  • Markdown (md)

  • MemoQ (mqxliff)

  • Microsoft Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, xlsm, ppt, pptx,)

  • Microsoft Visio

  • Open Office (sxw, odt, ods, odp)

  • PDF (converts PDF file to Word)

  • php

  • po, pot

  • rc

  • resx, resw

  • rtf

  • SalesForce (stf)

  • sdf

  • Sketch files (.sketch)

  • SubRip text (srt)

  • Trados (ttx)

  • Trados Studio (sdlxliff)

  • txt

  • vdx, vsdx

  • Wordfast (txml)

  • xlf, xliff

  • xml

  • yml, yaml