XTM Portal Administrator and User Manual

XTM Settings

Customizing source and target languages

XTM has over 320 languages to choose from, so for ease-of-use, it is recommended that you assign language combinations to your customers.

You can change source and target languages that are visible in XTM Portal by changing them for the Portal Customer which has been created in your XTM account.

In your XTM instance:

  1. Go to the Customers tab, search for your customer and click the required entry.

  2. Choose Language combination. Fill in as required.


Source and target language combinations – XTM view

Project estimates

To calculate price estimates, the Portal Customer created in XTM must have all estimate factors filled out correctly; this will allow the Portal Requester to proceed to the estimates and payment pages.

In your XTM instance:

  1. Go to the Customers tab, search for your customer and click the required entry.

  2. Choose the Estimate factors tab from the sidebar. Fill in as required.


Make sure that your rate cards have linguists or a dummy user assigned to them. Otherwise, it will be impossible to generate cost estimates in the XTM Portal.

Once the payment has been accepted, the Project Manager will be able to see that the project has been paid within XTM : Projects > Portal Project > Show general.


Estimate factors - XTM view

Creating project template in XTM

A project template stores the settings for creating a project and allocating translators. It can be customer-specific or global.

Templates can be created either when creating a new project and clicking on the “Save as template” button at the foot of the page or from the project listing menu.

Create a project template in XTM
  1. Go to XTM Projects > Projects list > Add project.

  2. Fill in the required details. Click Save as a template.

  3. Fill in Create template pop. Fill in as required.

  4. Select Save


Creating a project template

When you select either of the templates, the Create template window appears.


Create template pop-up

Creating project custom fields

XTM allows you to create custom fields for projects which you can apply when requesting translation in Customized Request Translation. You can choose one of the six different types of custom fields:

  • Checkbox

  • Date

  • Drop-down

  • Multiple selections

  • Number

  • Text

If you choose either dropdown or multiple selections, then you will need to enter your list of values that can be selected for that field.

  1. Go to the Configuration tab cog-solid.png > Data > Custom fields > Project custom fields. Click the Add button.

  2. Type in a name for this field, and select its type.

  3. Click Save.


Adding custom fields