XTM Portal Administrator and User Manual

XTM Portal – User Roles

Admin User

XTM Portal comes with an Admin user who has access to configure and customize the system. Admin users can:

  • add, edit or delete XTM Portal pages

  • add, edit or delete users

  • add, edit or delete FAQ items

  • view XTM Portal projects

  • set dummy users

  • make cost estimates

  • configure XTM Portal with Standard Request Translation option

  • configure XTM Portal with Customized Request Translation option

  • configure the connection to XTM

  • switch on/off payment options

  • customize the XTM Portal appearance in the CSS editor


Requesters are registered users who order translation services via XTM Portal. They can register in XTM Portal prior to requesting any translation service.

SSO (Single sign-on) authentication

The XTM Portal URL can be shared between users so they can register themselves. XTM Portal offers the possibility to log in via SSO (i.e. SAML or OAuth2.0 methods). This allows requesters to access XTM Portal with a single set of credentials.

For more information about registration in XTM Portal – see Registering in XTM Portal.

Registering in XTM Portal

Creating a User account

New XTM Portal users are prompted to register in XTM Portal to be able to request translation projects.

New users with Customer PM settings in XTM Portal are visible in the XTM as a project creator. User with the External Creator option enabled is created as an XTM Portal user.

All new users created in XTM will have their unique ID numbers assigned which will later be used in the XTM Portal for reference purposes.


XTM ID numbers provided to XTM Portal are automatically formatted. A comma is used as a separator. For example:

XTM ID: 36267

in XTM Portal: 36,267


Registration form in XTM Portal


New Portal user – Customer PM view in Silverstripe


New Portal user – Customer list view in XTM

Deleting a User profile from XTM Portal

  1. Choose the user icon user-solid.png from the menu.

  2. Choose Profile.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Delete profile button.


If you choose to delete your account, it will be permanently removed. You will not be able to restore it.


Profile tab in Silverstripe


The Delete profile button