XTM Portal Administrator and User Manual


Table 1. Troubleshooting


Proposed solution

In standard Request Translation option, when requesting translation, the user is taken to the Home landing page.

Go to the Members tab in Silverstripe. Fill out your profile form with as much details as possible.

In standard Request Translation option, a blank page appears along the request translation path

Clear all the unnecessary content in your browser, such as:

  • cookies

  • cache

  • site data

  • history

A blank page appears when Proceed to payment button is clicked

Choose from two possible scenarios:
  1. You are creating your project on your admin account and you left XTM Customer ID and XTM Customer PM ID sections filled out with 0. Fill out the sections with the existing customer and PM ID.

  2. When requesting translation while being logged out, you need to enter your personal details. Make sure the details are correct.

When proceeding to payments, the screen goes back to the Home landing page

Choose from two possible scenarios:
  1. You do not have an URL added in XTM. Go to Settings > Portal and fill out the Portal base URL; make sure that the Portal start action field has the word payment in it.

  2. You have created your own Customer Project Manager in XTM and connected its ID to XTM Portal. Make sure that all the fields (required and not required) are filled out when creating your own Customer Project Manager.


Customer Project Managers are created automatically when the first translation project is requested in XTM Portal. XTM suggests that such default Customer Project Manager is not changed.