XTM Portal Administrator and User Manual

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Customer Groups in Portal

Import Users - CSV file

The XTM Support Team can import a list of users to XTM Portal from a CSV file.


CSV file - example

A CSV file needs to have the following details specified:

  • FirstName

  • Surname

  • Email

  • Username

  • XTM Customer ID

  • XTM Customer PM ID

Customer ID can be found in your XTM instance:
  1. Go to Customers > Customer list

  2. Click the infotip by the relevant Customer to copy the ID number.


infotip with Customer ID number

CustomerPM (CPM) ID can be found in your XTM instance:
  1. Go to Customers > Customer PMs.

  2. Click the infotip icon by the relevant Customer PM to copy the Customer PM ID number.


infotip with Customer ID number

To link a Portal user with a specific customer type, you do not have to create Customer PM users in XTM for all users in XTM Portal. You can link several users to one CustomerPM.

Only CustomerPM and PM API get email notifications. An email alias is assigned to the CustomerPM and all customers have to be assigned to it.

  • Customer = Marketing

  • CustomerPM email = marketing@mycompany.com.

Once the XTM Support Team imports the CSV file, each user must use the Forgot password option in XTM Portal to get access to it.