XTM Mobile 2.3

Navigating XTM Mobile

You can use standard tapping gestures to navigate the XTM Mobile.

You can also use a long press to copy text.


Using a long press to copy text


Project listing

The Projects screen lists the same projects you can see when you log in to XTM Cloud. The list of projects provides the following information:

  • Project name

  • Time created

  • Time due:

    Symbol/ decoration

    Due date


    more than 24h remaining before the time due


    no due date is set for the project

    orange vertical stripe orange_FFA500.png

    less than 24h remaining before the time due

    red vertical stripe red_FF0000.png

    The time due displayed in red

    project is overdue

  • Project status. Projects can have the following statuses in the XTM apps:

    • Not started

    • Partially Started

    • Started

    • Finished

    • Archived (greyed out)

    • Auto-archived (greyed out)


Projects List - Android


Projects List - iOS

Project menu actions

You can manage a project from the project context menu.

Select the three-dots ellipsis-v-solid.png to open the context menu. Select one of the following actions:

  • Start project

  • Archive project

  • Reanalyze project

  • Delete project and project TM

  • Delete project and leaving TM


Project menu actions

Creating a new project

You can create new translation projects directly from your mobile device. You can use a template to populate the settings.

  1. Select the plus-solid.svg icon at the top of the screen to start creating a new project

  2. Select a customer from the dropdown menu.

  3. Fill in mandatory fields: the project name, source language, target languages, and the workflow.

  4. Select the check icon check-solid.svg in the top right corner of the screen.

  5. The created project will be available in both the XTM app and when accessed from a browser on your desktop.


If the offline mode activates during the new project creation, the progress will be saved. The project creation can be resumed by touching the plus-solid.svg add project icon, once the Internet connection has been restored.


Creating a new project - Android

Scroll down to add translation and reference files


Adding files to a new project


Creating a new project - iOS

Smart filters

Selecting filters
  1. Select the filter icon filter-solid.pngfrom the top menu.

  2. Select the required filters. They are the same standard and custom filters that are configured in the desktop version of XTM.

Clear filters
  1. Selecting the Smart filters icon.

  2. Select Clear Filters at the bottom of the popup.


Selecting Project filters

If you have added or edited Smart filters via your PC, you can refresh the filter list on the XTM app by opening the Smart filter menu and selecting Synchronize.

Project Details

Select a project on the project listing to go to the Project Details screen.

In the Project details section you can:

  • start a project

  • start one workflow

  • finish a project

  • finish a workflow

The Project Details screen consists of the following tabs:


Project details


The General tab contains basic project information including:

  • project name

  • reference number

  • description

  • customer

  • project manager

  • source language and target languages,

  • subject matter

  • creation details (Project creator, Creation date, and Due date)


The workflow tab shows the list of target languages together with the active workflow step or information that the workflow has been finished for the language.

Select a language to expand its workflow and assignments. The green bar below each language represents the translation progress. If an assignment is missing, you can either select a linguist for that workflow step or use a template to fill in the missing assignments for all workflow steps in the language or to overwrite the existing assignments.


Workflow tab

Assign linguists

Ensure there are linguists assigned to the first workflow step in each language and select the Start workflow button to start project workflows.


Choosing assignee

Active workflow steps are marked by a green clock icon clock_icon.png and Started status.

You change assignments to the active workflow steps:

  • close single workflow steps or the entire workflow

  • move between steps (close, open new, or reopen previous one)

Move between workflow steps:
  1. Select workflow step using long-press.

  2. Move to the required workflow step.


Metrics provide information about the project such as:

  • the number of segments

  • words

  • characters

  • the percentage of words or characters already translated or to be translated


Metrics tab


The costs tab provides information about the estimated costs of a project. It is the value calculated in XTM on the project’s Estimates tab, in the Costs section. Similar to the browser-based version of XTM, costs are arranged in records that can be expanded for details. They are divided per linguist and displayed in your default currency. Costs can be converted into other currencies after selecting the convert currency icon.

Costs can be generated based on:

  • Metrics

  • Current metrics

  • Statistics source

  • Statistics target

  • Time or metrics

  • Time or current metrics

  • Time or statistics source Time or statistics target


Costs tab


Cost tab: generating costs

Sending Purchase Order from XTM Mobile

Project Managers can send an email with purchase orders directly from the XTM. You can send a purchase order to a linguist and to your own email account.

  1. In the Costs tab, select how to generate costs.

  2. Assign the user:

  3. In the Costs tab, go to the PURCHASE ORDER tab.

  4. Select Generate Custom PO.

  5. Select Send PO.

  6. An email with the PO is sent to the user.


Sending Purchase Order


In the Files tab, Project manager can generate and download Previews, Target, and Offline translation. Files are generated in a ZIP file.

Project manager can also update source files of the existing project.

Available preview formats are:
  • PDF

  • HTML


Files tab


The Customers screen lists your active customers and customers without an assigned project manager. When there is no project manager assigned to a customer, you can see the crossed-over star icon star-crossed.png to the right.

Select a customer from the list to display contact details, including address, phone, and VAT number.

You can call a customer directly from the app when they have at least one phone number set. When they have more phone numbers available, you can select which one to call. When the customer has a mobile you can also send a text message.


Customer listing - Android


Customer listing - iOS


This screen displays a list of users in your system.

Select a user from the list to display their details including phone numbers, language combinations, e-mail address, role, and workflow steps.


Users list - Android


Users list - iOS

You can send an e-mail message to a user or call them directly from the app when they have at least one phone number set. When they have more phone numbers available, you can select which one to call. When the user has a mobile you can as well send a text message.

Adding new users
  1. Select the plus icon to start adding a new user.

  2. Fill in the required details.


This section displays the list of LSPs. When there is no project manager assigned to a customer, you can see the star icon star-crossed.png with a cross to the right.


LSPs list - Android


LSPs list - iOS

LSP Details

Select an LSP to go the LSP Details screen. The LSP Details screen consists of two tabs:

  • General

  • Connection


The General tab contains basic LSP information including the company name, project manager assigned, address, e-mail address, phone and VAT number.

When an LSP has phone numbers, including a mobile, you can call them or send a text message. You can also send an e-mail.


LSPs General info tab


The Connection tab provides the information for a two-way connection with an LSP.


LSP connections


The Tasks screen displays the list of tasks currently assigned to you.

You can see the Project name, the file assigned, the workflow step due date and the task workflow step.


Tasks list - Android


Tasks list - iOS


Edit profile

You can edit your general info, address, time zone and contact details.


You can choose your preferred theme for the app. Available options are

  • Light

  • Dark

Auto currency conversion

You can select the preferred currency. Use the toggle switch toggle-on-solid.png to select.


Change PIN

Select the Change PIN option to change the PIN code you need to enter when the open XTM Mobile has not been used for longer than 5 minutes.

Use fingerprint authentication

Select Use fingerprint authentication to change the authentication method.


Privacy policy and Third-party notices are included in the About section.

New features are listed.

Send feedback

Send feedback allows you to send an email with feedback through the chosen email client.