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XTM Cloud Business Intelligence Dashboard 1.0

XTM Cloud Premium BI Dashboard

The XTM Cloud Premium BI dashboard provides details about costs, savings, and LQA errors, on top of XTM Cloud Standard BI dashboard details.

You can see where costs and savings are coming from and act on these insights - invest more in Translation Memory to minimize the costs for relevant languages, see where the highest number of errors are, what those errors are, and where.

Requirements for leveraging all data

Set Rate Cards up

Use the LQA features and save the results

The Premium BI dashboard provides details about:

  • Costs & Savings, such as:

    • the total cost.

    • the savings for specific languages.

    • the cost breakdown for users and languages.

    See Costs & Savings dashboard features for more details.

  • LQA, such as:


    For more information about LQA, see the XTM Cloud documentation: XTM Cloud Configuration > System settings > LQA settings).

    • the number of errors for projects, files and languages.

    • detailed information on which errors are most common.

    • the target subscore information.

    See LQA dashboard features for more details.