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XTM Cloud Business Intelligence Dashboard 1.0

Productivity dashboard features

In the Productivity dashboard, you can:

  • see the following job and step data:

    • Total Jobs: the number of jobs (pie chart with categorization by status).

    • Total Steps: the number of steps (pie chart with categorization by status).

    • Source Languages: the number of unique source languages used.

    • Target Languages: the number of unique target languages used.

    • Jobs Overdue: the number of jobs after the due date.

    • Steps Overdue: the number of steps after the due date.

  • filter by:

    • Project Name.

    • Customer.

    • PM.

    • Status.

    • Source language.

    • Date range (project creation date).

    • Filename.

    • User.

    • Project Activity.

    • Project Status.

    • Target language.

  • use the following tables:

    • Days left until the due date: to see how many days are left until the due date (including weekends). The details are shown in the following tables:

      • Jobs table.

      • Steps table.

    • Punctuality: to see how many tasks a Linguist delivered before the deadline, as a percentage.


      Only works for data added after Business Intelligence dashboard deployment.

  • use the following charts:

    • Jobs per PM: the number of jobs per Project Manager.

    • Jobs per Customer: the number of jobs per Customer.

    • Tasks per Assignee: the number of tasks per Assignee, grouped by status.

  • WWC per user and day table: shows how many Weighted Word Counts a specific linguist needs to translate each day (business days only: Monday to Friday, excluding weekends) within the time range selected above the graph to meet the deadline for a specific step. The data is based on user statistics and steps that are in progress.


    You will not be able to see the past-due data (once the due date is passed, the data is not displayed).

    You can use the following filters:

    • Step.

    • Target Language.

    • User.

    • Date Range.