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XTM Cloud Business Intelligence Dashboard 1.0

LQA dashboard features

In the LQA dashboard, you can:

  • see the following LQA data:

    • Word Count: the total number of words in projects with LQA errors.

    • Errors: the number of errors.

    • Average Target Subscore: the average Target Subscore value.

    • Neutral: the number of neutral errors.

    • Minor: the number of minor errors.

    • Major: the number of major errors.

    • Critical: the number of critical errors.

  • filter by:

    • Project Name.

    • Customer.

    • Language.

    • Evaluator.

    • Evaluee.

    • Date range (based on LQA completion date).

    • Filename.

    • Error.

  • see the LQA Errors table: it contains information about error types for a specific project, customer, language, filename, and evaluee. The errors can be:

    • Neutral.

    • Minor.

    • Major.

    • Critical.

  • use the following charts:

    • Errors by language: the number of errors by the target language.

    • Errors by Customer: the number of errors by customer.

    • Errors by category: the number of errors by category (as defined in XTM Cloud).