XTM Connect - Kontent by Kentico User Guide for Translation requesters

Translation workflow

When sending Kontent by Kentico entries to XTM, you can choose between the following possible translation workflows:

  • sending content directly for translation to XTM, where you can:

    • send content (a single content item)

    • send content group (multiple content items)

  • adding content to translation queue, which allows you to edit a content item before sending it to XTM and then choose to manually send an entry for translation. Users can:

    • add content (a single content item) to queue

    • add content group (multiple content items) to queue

    By default, content items are queued for an hour. If needed, you can choose to manually send an entry for translation. Check Queue entry statuses section for more details.Queue entry statuses

You can also choose to perform these translation workflows using:

  • an iframe embedded in Kontent by Kentico, or

  • a separate full-page application


    Full page application does not contain contain separate tab to add single content, which is available when using an iframe.

Content (or content groups) translated in XTM are automatically imported to Kentico. An individual target language file (an XTM job) is imported even before the whole project is completed.

You can also: