XTM Connect - Kontent by Kentico User Guide for Translation requesters

Add content group tab

The Add content group tab that is available both in embedded iframe and as a separate application consists of:

  • left-hand configuration details where end-users can specify parameters to configure multiple content items of a translation project (for more information check the Translation workflow of translation workflow section)

    See Add content tab for configuration parameters.

  • right-hand listing with content items' details:

    • Name

    • Code name

    • Kentico workflow step

    • Type - type of content

    • Last modified - date on which the content item was last modified

  • Add to queue button

  • Send for translation button

The tab also allows end-users to:

  • Filter content items by:

    • Content type

    • Kentico workflow step

    • Kentico published state

    • Taxonomy

  • Refresh list

  • Search for content items in the search box and additionally search by:

    • Name

    • Code name

  • sort content items by:

    • Name

    • Code name

    • Kentico workflow step

    • Type

    • Last modified

  • select a content group for the translation or add it to the translation queue

  • monitor the translation progress of a project and view its workflow steps

  • specify the number of content items displayed on the page