XTM Connect - Kontent by Kentico User Guide for Administrators

Kentico Projects tab contents

The Kentico Projects tab allows XTM Connect - Kontent by Kentico administrator user to add and manage end-users' CMS translation projects that are supported by the connector.

The Kentico Projects tab consists of:

  • Add project button (for more information check Adding Kentico Projects)

  • list of projects displaying the following project details and actions:

    • ID - Project ID

    • Kentico project name

    • Client name - customer name for which a given project has been created

    • Status - project status

    • Date added - date on which the project was added

    • Date modified - date on which the project was modified

    • Actions to edit projects using the pen-solid.png icon. For more information check Editing projects

The tab also allows administrator users to: