XTM Connect - Kontent by Kentico User Guide for Administrators

Adding users in the administrator panel


Client name (your company name) is set automatically by XTM and cannot be modified.

To add a new user:
  1. Log in to the XTM Connect administrator panel.

  2. Click Add User.

  3. Fill in the details of a new user:

    • Email

    • Password

    • First name

    • Last name

  4. Select the required Client assigned from the dropdown. The clients' list is set by the XTM admins.

  5. Select the required Interface language from the dropdown that contains all supported languages of the connector's UI embedded in CMS system.

  6. Select the Active checkbox – inactive users cannot use the connector.

  7. Expand the down arrow angle-down-solid.png next to Connect to XTM to configure the XTM connection by filling in the required fields with information about the XTM account:

    • XTM URL - the URL of your XTM instance

      • Clients using xtm.cloud server can connect to: https://api.xtm-cloud.com/.

      • Clients using private servers can connect to the URL of their XTM instance

    • XTM Company name

    • XTM User


      Administrator user can either assign users to projects on project level that are defined in XTM or can assign projects on user level.

    • XTM Password

    and click the Connect to XTM button. Once the connection has been established, the Connected status appears in the dropdown.

  8. Fill in all the required details:

    • XTM customers - select one or multiple customers. It is also possible to set a default customer that will be chosen by default in the connector's UI embedded in CMS.

    • XTM templates - select one or multiple templates from a list of dynamically generated dropdowns - there is one dropdown list for each customer chosen in the XTM customers field. It contains all global templates and templates assigned to connected customer. It is also possible to set a default template that will be chosen by default in the connector's UI embedded in CMS.

    • Default the due date to X days ahead

  9. Select the optional Allow to change due dates on existing project checkbox.

  10. Set optional Email notifications, as needed:

    • When XTM job I submitted has changed workflow activity in XTM

    • When XTM job I submitted is finished and imported into CMS

  11. Select Kentico project assigned from the dropdown list. It contains all Kentico projects defined in Kentico projects tab of the Admin panel assigned to specific client as set in the Client assigned field.

  12. Set the required XTM project name prefix - a prefix that will be added to all your XTM projects created in the connector

  13. Set the optional details:

    1. In XTM: remove archived/deleted CMS files after (in days): the number of days after which the archived/deleted CMS files will be removed from XTM

    2. In XTM Kentico: remove cancelled XTM jobs after (in days): the number of days after which the XTM jobs will be removed from XTM Kentico connector

  14. Click Save.

Once you created a user account, you need to share the user details with the user. The user can also use the Forgot Password option when logging in for the first time.