XTM Connect - HubSpot


XTM Connect - HubSpot is a stand-alone application enabling users to send content for localization. You can access it here.

Administrators can add, edit and clone XTM Connect - HubSpot users in XTM Connect - HubSpot administrator panel.

Users can send content for translation in XTM, including:

  • landing pages

  • blog posts

  • forms

  • emails

A convenient preview option has been added to the blog posts and landing pages.

Users can also send, cancel, remove or import multiple items in a single action.

Thanks to Visual mode, the in-context translation feature, XTM translators can provide translation taking into consideration the layout of a web page, blog post or email.

Basic requirements

XTM Version: 12.7 and higher.

Supported browsers

We recommend using one of the following browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Firefox